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A gleaming black chauffeur driven Rolls Royce Phantom is an impressive site as it passes you by in the street, but even more impressive when you are a passenger in this superb vehicle. Our immaculate black Rolls Royce Phantom features a luxurious cream leather interior, deep Wilton carpets and air-conditioning to cocoon you in luxury throughout your journey. Rolls Royce wide rear access “suicide doors” make entering and exiting this car extremely easy.

The Rolls Royce Phantom exudes style and class, making a statement that says a lot about you. No wonder this vehicle is the choice of our most discerning clients for every type of occasion that demands a top of the range vehicle; be it business or pleasure.

With its stylish looks and grand presence, the Rolls Royce Phantom is the perfect chauffeured hire car for all occasions. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, christenings, bar-mitzvahs, red carpet events and corporate functions will all be all the more enjoyable and memorable when you arrive in a Rolls Royce Phantom. When used as a wedding car – a bottle of “bubbly” with 2 glass flutes, chocolates, personalised number plate and your colour choice of ribbons is also included.

Hire our superb black Rolls Royce Phantom and travel in style and comfort to any occasion. As one of the most expensive and largest Rolls Royce cars ever produced this vehicle seats up to 4 passengers in ample comfort and style. Available to hire in white, black or silver, this black Rolls Royce Phantom is guaranteed to make a grand entrance when you arrive to any special event.

Rolls Royce Motors describe the Phantom as “A Rolls Royce for the 21st Century. Designed without compromise … created with the desire to build the best car in the world”. Unmistakably Rolls-Royce, discover the thrill of traveling in this luxury motor car below.

To enquire about booking this car use our “request a quote” online enquiry form below. Alternatively you can call us to book a limo on 0800 860 0124.

Scroll down to view below vehicle hire information plus full details of the luxury features and equipment that come as standard when you hire a black Rolls Royce Phantom from UK Limos.

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CAPACITY Seating for up to 4 passengers
EXTERIOR 4-Doors, coach doors in rear, air suspension for passenger comfort, pop out umbrella in door
INTERIOR Cream leather upholstery, wrap around seating in rear cabin for extra privacy, fold down tables, vanity mirrors, plush Wilton carpets
MULTIMEDIA CD / DVD / FM / AM stereo sound system
ELECTRONICS Heated insulated rear cabin, air conditioning
REFRESHMENTS Complimentary bottle of “bubbly” with all wedding bookings (additional refreshments on request at extra cost)
OPTIONS Floral decorations included with all wedding bookings – picnics, newspapers etc can be provided on request at additional cost
PACKAGES Hourly, Daily, Point-2-Point, 1-Way Transfer, 2-Way Transfer, Split Runs (read more on the Vehicle Hire Details tab above)
AVAILABILITY 24-Hours / 7-Days per week, by arrangement


POINT TO POINT You receive pick up and drop off services e.g. for airport or corporate transportation.
ONE WAY TRANSFERS You receive one-way transportation to your destination. These transfers allow for a minimum one full hour of service.
TWO WAY TRANSFERS You are picked up, chauffeured to your destination and brought home afterwards e.g. for dinners, concerts, sports games and other events. Note: Clients do not have access to the limo outside their scheduled pick up time and the Company reserves the right to utilize the limousine between the scheduled two way transfers, to keep your cost low.
HOURLY Our limo drivers are at your disposal when you reserve hourly. This service is excellent for clubbing, sightseeing, shopping trips and other events without a fixed time schedule. A 3 hour minimum hire is required.
SPLIT RUNS You choose how to split your vehicle hire time e.g. Use one hour to pick up friends for a limo ride to an event. Then, use two or three hours later that same day for a pub crawl or dinner. Clients do not have access to the limousine outside their scheduled pick up time, and the Company reserves the right to utilize the limousine between the scheduled run to keep your cost low. A 3 hour minimum is required.
AVAILABILITY 24- Hours / 7 Days per week, by arrangement



Great Job UK Limos

Again… Wow do you deliver! As usual, your attention to detail and service is truly exceptional. We’ll be back to enjoy your fantastic limos again soon. This is truly an excellent buy. Cheers!

Bernadette Miller

Exellent Service!

These guys offer an excellent limo hire service. I just have to say I am really looking forward to booking with UK Limos again because our last limo booking was perfect!

Frank Hughes

Fantastic car!

Such a fantastic and professional car hire service. Not only are UK Limos really great to deal with, but they also have some superb vehicles.

Marc Campbell